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  Bridgestone buys Thai rubber at $3.28/kg for March

 Japan's largest tyre-maker, Bridgestone Corp, has bought some quantities of Thai RSS3 rubber at a price as high as $3.28 kg -- the grade's strongest in 58 years, dealers said on Tuesday.  The deals were struck late on Monday and Friday, when the tyre maker also purchased RSS3 at $3.26 a kg for March and April shipments. Cash prices have risen this year on tight supplies in Southeast Asia and recent gains in oil-driven Tokyo futures.

"Bridgestone has been in the market almost everyday lately but I don't think they are buying in big quantities. I guess it's only for a few hundred tonnes," said a dealer in Thailand's southern city of Hat Yai.

"I don't hear buying interest from China. They are still very quiet," said the dealer, referring to the world's largest consumer.

The dry wintering seasonis underway in Thailand and parts of Indonesia, curbing the flow of latex.

Other dealers said Indonesia's SIR20 was sold to unspecified major tyre makers at 144.50 and 144.75 U.S. cents per pound for April shipment. Malaysia's SMR20 was offered at $3.21 a a kg but there were no reports of deals.