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 Where rubber trees are grown in Africa (FAO 1974)

Rubber trees are grown in regions that are hot and moist, that is:

+    in Africa (250 000 tons of natural rubber);

+    in Central and South America (31 700 tons of natural rubber)

+    in Asia, which is the chief producer (3 207 100 tons of natural rubber).

In Africa they are grown mainly in the forest regions.

In Africa the chief producers of natural rubber are:
Liberia          100 000 tons
Nigeria          80 000 tons
Zaire              35 675 tons
Ivory Coast     18 000 tons
Cameroon      12 000 tons
Central African Empire         1 250 tons
Ghana           1 700 tons
Mali           1 100 tons
Congo           160 tons

These production figures (for 1974) are from the FAO Production Yearbook 1974.

To grow good rubber trees and harvest plenty of latex, you must:

+    prepare the seedlings well;

+    make a good plantation;

+    look after the plantation;

+    harvest the latex well.