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 Country Profile - Vietnam

Natural Rubber has a long history in Vietnam; the first plantation was founded in 1897, during the era of French colonialism. With the end of the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese government set out to once again establish Vietnam as a major exporter of Natural Rubber.

The industry was reinvigorated by a US$ 32 million loan from the World Bank in 1996 to improve rubber latex processing technology to international standards. Rubber tree plantations are located in the tropical South of the country. Vietnam output of Natural Rubber is growing at a rate 15% per year as additional hectares are planted and young trees reach maturity and are put into rubber latex production. Further expansion into Laos and Cambodia by joint-ventures are also planned.

At present, Vietnam largest rubber company is the state owned Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG), popularly known as GERUCO, which holds 22 subsidiary rubber companies. In 2007, GERUCO is striving to process around 320,000 tons of rubber, with SVR 3L accounting for 40 per cent, and latex for 25 per cent, in 2007. The total processed rubber output is expected to increase to 440,000 tons in 2010.  Private-sectors and provincial companies produced the other 180,000 tons. Total Vietnam rubber productions are expected to grow dramatically in the years ahead with plan to increase production to 1 million tons by year 2015.

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